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Contact Fureus at 876.284.7186 or 876.850.0881 to purchase a physical CD.   Emergency Riddim is available via iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby.
“State-Us Records presents: “Emergency Riddim:”

This Life                   Fureus and Jah Prince
Calling Upon            Hotta Red
Inna Dem Face        Danny English
Always Fighting       Fureus
One Coca                Ricky Flex

Sound Engineer       CellBlock
Producer                  Fureus
Back-up Vocals        Sheryl Wildman on “This Life” 
                                 Sharrah Irouhla Sharpe on “One Coca”

State-Us Records presents: “Poly-Bag Riddim:”

Tune Up Mi Rave                Faithful & Fureus

Cream a the Crop               Fureus

My Shine                             Minki

Up                                       Hotta Red

Hot Gyal Night                    Fureus

Rave Enuh                         Faithful

State-Us Records presents: “Poly-Bag Riddim:”

Tune Up Mi Rave                Faithful & Fureus
Cream a the Crop               Fureus
My Shine                             Minki
Up                                       Hotta Red
Hot Gyal Night                    Fureus
Rave Enuh                         Faithful
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